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ネット予約 Doctors
TEL ネット予約 Doctors

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〒110-0005 Miyata Bldg. 2F, 4-5-4 Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo

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TEL Open 24 hours Online reservations here Doctors

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At Ueno International Clinic, we are always looking to recruit physicians, nurses and administrative staff.
Ueno is an ever-changing and lively area that receives many foreign tourists. If you are looking not only to work in a medical setting but are also interested in foreign languages and customer service, do not hesitate to apply.
Our staff come from a variety of professional backgrounds, and just by working here you will be able to deepen your multicultural understanding. As many of the women working here have children, we try to accommodate working times to match when staff are free and are understanding about urgent time off requests.

Raises available, full-time workers eligible for paid time off, working hours negotiable.
Please contact the clinic directly for more details.



TEL 03-5846-5355/
FAX 03-5846-5356

診療時間 10:00~14:00/15:00~19:00(日曜日は10:00~13:30)
休診日 水曜、金曜、祝日


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TEL 03-5846-5355/
FAX 03-5846-5356

Consultation Hours 10:00-14:00/15:00-19:00 (Sunday/Holidays 9:00-15:00)
Closed Mondays

※If you would like to be seen outside of regular hours, please contact us beforehand.
※If you would like to be seen later than 17:00 on a Saturday, please contact us beforehand.

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